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For the love of dress up dolls
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FPK - Promise
Lacriel had the guards bring him some chalk, and since then, Thanael scribbled onto the walls. When Iris came around the corner, he was still writing. She could read the poem-like text fragment that was next to the door.
my ghosts are never far away
they encircle me
they wait for me
and in a way, they keep me company
they comfort me
I sing to them, they sing to me
should I embrace them in the dark
when she won't call me back to light?

"Oh, please, just piss off and piss somebody else off", Thanael interrupted her contemplation curtly. He had noticed her presence but not turned around, so he had not recognized her yet.
"Hello, Thanael", Iris said. Thanael looked over his shoulder and hurried to his feet. Iris was dressed mostly in black, her face was earnest, but closer to anger than to sadness. He tried a smile. "Iris. I hoped to see you soon."
"You could have come to me before you deliberately sent yourself to prison", Iris snapped.
"I could", Thanael confirmed. "But you would
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Rosebud: Resolution
She was only vaguely aware of the voices around her, speaking so softly.  "Should we wake her?" one asked, from across the room.  
"She needs to rest," Another replied, right beside her.  "After what she did, she deserves it."
"She deserves to be at the trial," the first said.  "After all, that monster's tried to kill her so many times, she deserves to put her vote in for his fate."
"I don't want to put that on her now," the other voice said.  
Ari stirred, feeling something warm and soft beneath her, and both voices went quiet as she opened her eyes.  At first, her vision was clouded, fogged by sleep.  As it cleared, she saw she was in a room, the walls a pale blue.  The bed beneath her was comforting, but not as much as the face that looked back at her.  "Garrett," she said softly.
"Good morning, my love," he said, smiling.  "Did we wake you?"
Ari glanced about again, and spotted Damien leaning against the open doorframe.  "No,"
:iconwhitewolfdreamer27:whitewolfdreamer27 6 13


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Anna Christine L.
United States
My name is Anna, I"m the Royal Jester of the FPK (Fancy-Pants-Kingdom) and I go to Heroic Academy. If you want to know about my characters in those groups look in my gallery of the groups or the groups gallery


DMD: Round 20
So I created this dress that looked exactly like the picture...... And then the page reloaded before I could save. So this is what I had energy to do. I know it's crap, but I'm really far behind and need to catch up. 



Bullet; Pink Participants Bullet; Pink 
Bullet; Purple 1. liz-blizz
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